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Let flowers bloom on the head! Folk art x Practicality.

Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase


Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Folk art x Practicality. Kokeshi vase. Three types. Easy change of the vase’s water.

The combination of a “vase” and a “kokeshi” that pushes the barriers of what we are used to, the unexpected marriage of both elements… A wonderful product named “Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase”. The figure that support the vase is of a cute and chubby girl, you can also put artificial flower in that vase.
A glass tube serve as the water recipient, it can also be easily remove from the vase base for an easy cleaning!

Drawings of flowers can be seen on on the body of the kokeshi. Even if you forget about those drawings, flowers fit naturally in this vase and it looks like flowers are blooming on the kokeshi’s head.
It is a unique gift perfect as a souvenir for foreigners or simply as a gift for "Mother’s day", “Respect of the seniors day”. Kokeshi are for both girls and boys. Mr. Kakizawa, the kokeshi maker is a multiple award winner of several competitions.


Characteristic of a chubby belly childlike body. A picture of autumn leaves and dragonfly.

Light chrysanthemum:
A pattern representing the Naruko Kokeshi, red chrysanthemum pattern is drawn.
The slightly constricted curve is also one of its characteristic.

Edo chrysanthemum:
The most commonly drawn picture of the Naruko Kokeshi, also called “Edokiku".


Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase



exchange rates
Model: kaz-kk
Shipping Weight: 0.12Kg
Material: Mizuki( Japanese Wood)
Size: 本体直径:約5cm 本体高さ 約8cm

Pompt Delivery : We will ship item(s) as soon as possible after your payment has been received and processed.

Functions: The glass tube
Due to the diminution and expansion of wood throughout the year, it may be difficult to insert the glass tube on. In that case, you can use a rasp and slowly expand the hole with it. Do not force the vase in too much or it can break.

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Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase
Naruko Kokeshi Floral Vase

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