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For many mountaineers who head for top of life.

Towel Fuji

Starting at: 3,520円

Towel Fuji
Towel Fuji
Towel Fuji was created by the designer "goodbymarket", who uses Mount Fuji as one of their design themes.

A pile of laundry in the washing basket or a dressing room.
That will decrease in quantity when you leave home to live by yourself.
Someday you meet the one for you,a pile of laundry will to gain in quantity and it will become bigger when your child is born.

Doing the washing every day is such a hassle but it is pleasant to the eye.Put on "Towel Fuji" top of the laundry.

This is a bath towle in a big square shape wiht gift box that was drawn clouds.Throw this towel over child's head,it takes the form of Mt.Fuji.After that,dry child who is a little mountaineer head for top of life.

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Towel Fuji


Starting at: 3,520円

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Model: tk040E
Shipping Weight: 0.45Kg
Manufactured by: good by market
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 800mm×800mm

Pompt Delivery : We will ship item(s) as soon as possible after your payment has been received and processed.

Functions: One piece,made in Japan
When you wash this towel, do not use chlorine bleach.Otherwise the towel discolored.The color of this towel may be migrated to other clothes or underwears,so it is recommended to wash alone.Do not leave in wet condition long time.This product was process

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Towel Fuji
Towel Fuji
Towel Fuji
Towel Fuji
Towel Fuji


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