A new Tokyo Kitsch shop opened !

New Opening!
The new shop is located in the famous Yanaka area (Near Nishi-nippori station) known to be a lively tourist area where you’ll find lots of cute small old style japanese shops.
The Yanaka area is one of the only area in Tokyo which didn’t have too much damage during the WWII so the area has an authentic japanese feeling !

The new shop has products that are different than the online shop and that you’ll find only there, so come to our shop to say hi and discover all our products !

【Tokyo Kitsch Yanaka Store】

〒 110 – 0001
Yamanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 3 – 18 – 7 1F

070-2657-5222 (Sorry we only speak Japanese)

【Opening hours】

Open Wednesday to Monday and public holidays : 11am to 18pm

【Products at the store】

  • Japanese old style second hand products, snacks (bunmeido), accessories, bags, tableware, stationery, wrapping cloth, hand towels, judogi bags, kokeshi, daruma, hariko.


  • Kichijitsu, 家田紙工 (Iedashikou), Hanase-wara, Sasicco (judogi bags) and more other japanese brands.


    【Tokyo Kitsch Showroom】 (2017/4/30 Closed)

    4-27-7 Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 11am to 17pm
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays :13pm to 19pm
    Close : Tuesday and Thursday

    【Products at the store】

    • Bags, Mount Fuji souvenirs, shiba dog goods, stationery, wrapping cloth, hand towels, judogi bags, kokeshi, daruma, hariko, kamifuzen (paper balloon), famous character kokeshi… and mostly the same products as on our online store.


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